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It’s too early to get your flu shot!

Considering the mounting scientific evidence on early flu vaccination, seeing placards at Rite Aid urging β€œGet Your Flu Shot Now,” in late August, like I have, can be very perplexing. Studies on early flu vaccination [read more]

Shingles Vaccine

Move over, Zostavax! There’s a new shingles vaccine in town! Up until recently, Zostavax was the shingles vaccine. It was a live attenuated vaccine, meaning that it contains live shingles viruses that have been attenuated [read more]

5-Star Review

We received the following email last week, and are reposting it here with the author’s permission! πŸ™‚ … I spent half an hour unsuccessfully trying to put up a 5 star yelp review for your [read more]